Red Oat Ale

Dry-hopped Red Oat Ale

Our Red Oat Ale is a combination of old English Ale recipes and American Westcoast IPAs with creative use of hop varieties. The recipe for this beer was developed and matured for over a half a year and countless batches, and the results are obvious: an amber-red Ale with a foam with small bubbles, fresh and with a smooth malt body. Th0004964-spent-brewers-collective-red-oat-ale-033le primary aroma is a balance between lychee and quince, derived from the dry-hopping with fresh Citra and Amarillo hops. Secondary notes can be found from the Nottingham Ale yeast and the superb Weyermann malts.

The first sip brings the piney notes of Styrian Golding hops and the fruity flavours of Citra and Amarillo, deliciously accentuated by the sweet, malty flavours of the caramel malts and the smooth mouthfeel from the oats.

This fresh and fruity thirst-quencher is suitable for any time of the year!


Specifications: Wort: 13° Plato (1.053 SG) I 5,9 % alc. vol 30 IBU (Bitterness Units) I Colour: 28 EBC I Carbonation: 5,2 g/l

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