Bloom’s Beer

Dry-hopped, golden American-style Amaranth Lager

Bloom’s Beer is an experimental, modern lager that contains organically-grown amaranth in the grain bill, in addition to the traditional barley malt base. The moderate, refreshing, dry-hopped character comes from German Perle and U.S. Cascade hops.

The resulting beer is an aromatic lager Blooms-Beer_Klein_jpegwith peach and rosemary notes and a smooth, round mouthfeel that will suprise German Pilsner- and Helles-drinkers.

Specifications: Wort: 11,8° Plato (1.047 SG) I 4,8 % alc. vol 20 IBU (Bitterness Units) I Colour: 8-10 EBC I Carbonation: 5,5 g/l

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