Maple Walnut Stout

Collaboration Brew

mapleOn 15th of August 2014 we released the Maple Walnut Stout at Hopfenreich, brewed as a collaboration together with our buddies from Bierfabrik.

The result was a deep black, nutty, round stout with a little bit of sweetness. The delicate notes of walnut and maple are joined with a fine coffee and chocolate character.

The initial batch was somewhat limited in size and availability, but we will get some more going and have it available through the normal channels soon. Promised.

Specifications: Wort: 19° Plato (1.079 SG) I 7,8 % alc. vol 45 IBU (Bittering Units) I Colour: 150-170 EBC I Carbonation: ca. 4,8 g/l