Our Philosophy


We want to develop and supply high quality beers, especially to leftist stores, bars, festivals, political projects and events, alternative clubs, punk-rock places, foodies and beer lovers. We brew beers to those who appreciate craft beer, vegan food and cooperatively created products.

We want to work for a world that is better than the one we were born into.

In practice that means:

  • That we organize horizontally out of commitment to equality. Being a collective means striving for a decision making process at the workplace that is as participatory as possible. Being a collective means: no bosses and equal pay for all members.
  • Fair Pay: We want to one day pay ourselves a fair salary and support other co-operatives with our business so they can do the same.
  • A solidarity economy: We prefer to work with other cooperatives and worker’s collectives that do not operate according to capitalist logic and in search of the highest profit at the expense of other people, animals and the environment.
  • We’re not a not-for-profit business, but if and when we have some extra, we will be obliged to support to other collectives and our community at large.
  • Consideration for the environment: In medium-term we want to develop organic craft beer that combines the highest quality with sustainable production in a way that hasn’t been seen oft in the market. We won’t manage to follow this principle in the very beginning since organic certification is financially out of our reach. Additionally we want our beer to be locally produced to reduce unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions, energy, water and material usage.


Our long-term goal is to have our own brewery!

For now we brew our pilot batches and develop our recipes in our basements, which we then take to other breweries for commercial production. But in long-term we want to have build our own 20 to 40 hectoliter anarcho-brewery! Until we get there, we’ll produce beers as a “contract brewer” in regional breweries, sometimes collaborating with other brewers on recipes to come up with some new tasty beers.