Spent Brewers Quality Guarantee

The German Purity Law (“Reinheitsgebot”) is a set of regulatSpent Brewers Collective Zutatenions for what can be legally called and taxed as beer (“Bier” and a few related terms). These regulations, originating from the 15th century, dictate which ingredients and methods can and cannot be used in brewing. We think the Reinheitsgebot is an arbitrary limitation on the creativity of the brewer – that’s why we have decided to ignore it.

That doesn’t mean we don’t care for quality! So, we want to define our own set of Quality Guarantees:

We promise, that our beer…

  • …is vegan. We won’t use any gelatin or isinglass to filter our beers, or use glues based on animal products in our labels.
  • …is brewed only with high-quality natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, aromas, colors or other additives.
  • …is aged properly.
  • …is brewed independent from large breweries and brewery groups.
  • …have a thorough development phase
  • …is brewed sometimes with herbs, spices, fruits or unmalted grains to improve the characteristics of our beer and bring forth new flavor experiences
  • …will always be brewed with an anarchist tender loving care
The Spent Brewers Collective, May 2014