Craft Beer

Original Berlin Craft Beer

We are a part of a new generation of breweries brewing craft beer. That means brewing interesting, high-quality beers, small production volumes whilst working independently from large breweries, brewing groups and companies. And that’s why our beer is more expensive that most German beer drinkers are used to in a market flooded by mSpent Biereassive breweries with some of the cheapest beer in the World. We won’t ever have the scale to compete with prices against Oetti, Sterni or Bex – and that wouldn’t be a satisfying goal in itself anyways.

Instead, we offer fully-flavored, special beers, brewed with only high-quality ingredients and an anarchist outlook.

Against The German Purity Law – Check our Quality Guarantees!

The Craft-Beer “Revolution” in Germany

The German beer market is facing major changes that have already begun. The yearly consumption per person has sunken from 148 liters in 1990 to only 107 liters in 2013. On the other hand small breweries and craft beer are on the rise.

It seems like the demand for actually good tasting beer over cheap, bland lager will change the market in Germany too, as it has done in the USA with the so-called craft beer revolution that has its beginning in the late 70’s.

The Spent Brewers Collective is happy to be a part of this new development.