Our proudly cherished speciality:  „Gruit“ – a historical inspired beerstyle brewed with herbs and spicesGruitday
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The Spent Brewers Collective  is the first  – and so far the only – brewery in Berlin brewing Gruitbeers. With our seasonal changing Gruitbeers we would like to make a contribution to promote and popularize the probably most manifold beerstyle in the world.

Gruitbeers were brewed in medieval times especialy along the coast of the North Sea, in the area of todays England, Belgium, Netherlands, Northern Germany and Denmark. Gruitbeers contain either none or very little hops, but instead spices and herbs that are at hand. The european swamp plant „gale“ was frequently, but not always, used in Gruitbeers.

The missing antibacterial effect of hops were often counterbalanced by using a higher gravity and more alcohol than known from todays bulk beers. Also other herbs,  just as vermouth or gale, contain bittern and other substances that improve the stability and extend the life period of Gruitbeers.  Last but not least the German Purity Law („Deutsches Reinheitsgebot„) , issued in 1516 in Bavaria, displaced the Gruit from Germany until today. It’s about time to change this fact!

Our Gruitbeers until today:

Vanilla Tripel Gruit – Our 2015 Summer-Special. An orange-golden colored modern interpretation belgium style Gruitbeer with Vermouth, Bourbon-Vanille und 10% ABV

1312 Spent Herbst Gruit – Unser 2014 Fall-Special: a brown topfermented Gruitbeer with 12 different kinds of herbs, Oat-, Buckwheat-, Rye- and Barleymalt and 6,7 % ABV

February 1st: International Gruit Day. For more Infos check